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5 signs you need a new career

Change is never easy. Its human nature to stick to the ‘comfort zone’, but when it comes to your career, changing may sometimes be just what you need to have a more fulfilling and nourishing work life.

Having a few bad days leading up to a project deadline is one thing; but being constantly unhappy is another. Gone are the days where employee loyalty lasted their entire careers. In fact, numerous statistics reveal that the average worker will have a career change five to seven times during the course of their professional lifetime.

Choosing a career change is no light decision, but there are certain unavoidable factors to help you decide when a new professional path is right for you.

1. Your job doesn’t give you the platform to utilise your strengths/strongest skills

This is a career killer. When you’re bored with your job and not using your knowledge/ experience – it can drain you. It’s no secret that career achievers have one thing in common: passion to conquer a challenge. It’s the thing that will make you want to work harder, excel at what you do, innovate, and be creative. But without a challenging task, it’s hard to outperform yourself on the next round and your career will likely stagnate. It’s time to look for a new job!

2. Learn whilst you work and face new challenges but this is not the case in your current job

It’s been more than two years since you joined the organisation and you find yourself doing the same things frequently. You’ve asked your line manager for new responsibilities or new projects, but they either turned it down or have given you new responsibilities that still don’t push you. It’s time to change jobs.
A career is the sum of the experiences, skills and knowledge that you’ve earned from your working life. This makes you more competent and earns you more authority or expertise in your line of work. If you’re not learning new things over the course of time, you’re not moving your career forward. It’s time to look for a new job!

3. Apathy – the daily grind of job

Simple – It’s time to look for a new job!

4. Looking for Inspiration – See other people’s achievements and want it for yourself

Instead of turning green with envy, turn the focus back on yourself and ask what you can do to achieve what others have achieved.

If someone else wins an award, is it an award you wanted? If so, what can you do to put yourself in line for it, as well as other awards, next year? If a friend just landed major salary raise at work, what can you do to work toward achieving that goal yourself?

As your friends, co-workers and colleagues achieve success, it can serve as a to-do list for growing your own career. Chances are you first decided to go after your current goals because of the things you saw over the course of your life.

5. You have the dread on a Sunday when it’s the new working week up ahead.

It’s never too late to move your career gears. This is a milestone and you should think hard before you do it. The only thing worse than moving your career gears and regretting it later is not moving at all when you know your career is heading nowhere.

You should not stop at simply keeping a job when you know you have more to offer. But you need to be proactive and conscious that in your career, you have the last say, not your employer, and that can mean looking for a better opportunity, elsewhere.

It’s time to look for a new job!

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